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Old School Motors (OSM) is an online motoring community for retro cars. Do you like getting down and dirty with an E30, touchy-feely with your Austin Healy or is your heart full of glee because you own an old Esprit? Perhaps you want to set yourself free and drive your Capri or take yourself to heaven and fix your TR7? If so, this online motoring community is the place for you.


Following the phenomenal success of the original Old School Motors Facebook group which now bears the well known nickname of OSM which was setup for the primary purpose to be an online motoring banter page, we then decided to create the website and we are now close to 100 published articles.



The original Old School Motors website was written back in early 2013 and since then it has seen many revisions and improvements. This current version (v3.0) is the mobile friendly version, we purposely developed this version as a tool for us to be able to publish articles fast and quickly and so far this plan seems to be working.


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